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Interactive animated web art.
 posted 6-10-99.
Works as designed on Microsoft Explorer 5 and above.
 Animated Interactive web art.

Newer versions of Internet Explorer cause some frame pages to blank out that use to show animations.
Also Explorer now starts all gif animations from the same file as synchronized to the same animation frame.
I thought the effect was better when each animation was on it's own cycle.


Interactive animated web art.
Works as designed on Microsoft Explorer 5 and above.
  Animated Interactive web art.



Facade 1 was originally created for  gray scale height maps for the creation of 3d models.
Only functions in Windows Internet Explorer

      Downloads quickly. This was created as an experimental way of making gray scale height maps for architectural building  facades and such things. If you would like to use it to create your own height maps you may. Because it was made for my personal use, navigating it takes some getting use to. Clicking on the browsers Back button is a good way to eliminate parts that come up that you don't want. Click on browser address bar and hit enter to return to base frame page. Clicking on the same link indifferent windows brings up the same pattern. Links are numbered and are very dark gray so they don't show up in terrain editor. You can resize areas by dragging them when your curser changes to a double headed arrow. To save image use the screen capture function and the past into image editing software such as Photoshop. The image below was in part created with gray scales made with Facade 1. The best way to get familiar with this is to click each numbered link and see what that element looks like. Then you can use that number to create similar divisions.










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