While creating this web site I got side tracked with some animations and came up with this thing. It plays on some oddities of html. Below are some stills of how it can look. It is composed of animations and html documents. There are two phases, first you will see some of the components as you go through the first several pages, next you enter the interactive section where you will find links all over the screen. This helps make downloading the elements less boring. Modifying the image can be done in two ways, clicking on links to add and change image elements or clicking and dragging borders to change the arrangement and composition. Any border is movable when your cursor changes to a double headed arrow. It may not function properly on older systems.

I have been also using the images created with this
for modeling and texturing 3d architecture. An example
can be seen further down this page.

A still of one possible look it can have.


Facade modeled and textured using graphics created with the Machine.


Another still










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