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Flame Fractals date from 1998 to the Present. Cory Ench

Enter Fractal World Gallery Rooms

        Established in 1998  this collection of works has continuously grown to include well over 700 images, which in reality is but a tiny fraction of the actual number of fractals I have created and explored over the years. Each image is the end result of a journey into the realms of infinitely diverse possibilities of mathematically  based imagery.

    I became much more interested in making fractals after discovering Meta Creation's newly released Photoshop plug-in filter called KPT5 Fraxflame in 1998. At first glance it looked like just another special effects plug-in but after trying it out I very quickly realized that  Fraxflame was much more than that. Much  like a portal, it allowed you to enter a mysterious world of IFS (Iterated Functions Systems)  or flame*  fractal imagery and discover previously unexplored visual territories.

    Since my earliest paintings and drawings, natural patterns and forms and the relationships between them have been at the core of my artistic inspiration.  I was immediately intrigued by the organic quality  of forms  I was able to obtain by using this program.


    Of particular interest to me was the fact that with this tool I was able to build up a whole vocabulary of fractal forms that mimic many shapes found in nature - such as clouds, trees, leaves, mollusks, flowers, lightning, etc. - and  began to construct whole landscapes collaged entirely from my fractal renderings. This fit in well with my previous interest in natural forms and  functions and the depiction of their formal relationships in my paintings and sculptures.


    From these composite fractal landscapes (1998 - 1999) was born the name  "Fractal World Gallery".

    In early 2004 I became aware of a newer fractal flame open-source Windows based program called Apophysis, originally developed by Mark Townsend from Scott Draves' original DOS based flam3 open source code. Since then it has become my main fractal tool although I occasionally try out other fractal programs.

    This year I've had an interesting development - one of my pieces, 'Dreamtime Persistence'  had been chosen as a 2007 winner in the Benoit Mandelbrot Fractal Art  competition, It will be shown in Spain this November alongside 14 other winning pieces that were picked from around the world by a selection panel - of which Benoit Mandelbrot  is The Honorary Chairman.  Needless to say I am very excited about being a part of this exhibition. 

~ Cory Ench     

Roll your mouse over the image to see actual-size detail of the 12000 pixel rendering.
'Dreamtime Persistence' measures 41' x 58' in final print.

'Dreamtime Persistence' ,
Cory Ench 2007
If you are interested in purchasing the print, please email me.

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