Day 1

The first day of the project is today, January 26th, 2010.

How do I begin a painting? I have not purchased a canvas yet. In fact, I have not decided on the exact proportion, or anything else for that matter. All I have as of now is some inklings, small things.  It does not always begin this way. Sometimes an idea for a painting is loud and in your face, sometimes it is a subtle knowing that I need to manifest somehow. I have always wanted to paint a siren. Studying water and the natural world around the Pacific Northwest for a decade, anatomy, all of these things will come into play in the following months. I have an open road ahead and am looking forward to this painting emerging.

…Continuing at 2 am the same day… well more like the morning of the next day… Played with an idea… of course, now that I sketched it up I don’t like it as much as I did while I did.  But that’s all right. I am definitely not attached to anything at this point. This is just a quick little thing, but dutifully I shall post it…

She is so pensive and depressed looking… And her left arm is kind of flopping around purposlessly.  Bah! But I do like the arch behind her shoulder, the light.

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