Day 9 – Golden Mean

Today I began exploring the idea of creating a composition based on the Golden Ratio. I have wanted to do this for a while, and my first stab at it turned into a surreal sketch of a sleeping mermaid, seated in a bulbous stone throne… You can’t see her face, but she’s warmed by the sun, and the water is calm…  I kind of like it. Anyway, in this first image you can see I offset the spiral and added some space to the left and the top of the composition, mostly because as the image developed I felt the rock that she is seated on needed it… Now, however, I am thinking that cropping it to make the whole image a true Golden Mean composition might make it work better… My main objective in this exercise was to attempt to place the important points and lines in the figure and the rocks within the framework of the golden spiral and the intersection lines formed by the triangles. Here is a general photoshop/Zbrush composition:

…And a more refined sketch… :P


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