Day 13

Day 9 – Golden Mean

Today I began exploring the idea of creating a composition based on the Golden Ratio. I have wanted to do this for a while, and my first stab at it turned into a surreal sketch of a sleeping mermaid, seated in a bulbous stone throne… You can’t see her face, but she’s warmed by the sun, and the water is calm…  I kind of like it. Anyway, in this first image you can see I offset the spiral and added some space to the left and the top of the composition, mostly because as the image developed I felt the rock that she is seated on needed it… Now, however, I am thinking that cropping it to make the whole image a true Golden Mean composition might make it work better… My main objective in this exercise was to attempt to place the important points and lines in the figure and the rocks within the framework of the golden spiral and the intersection lines formed by the triangles. Here is a general photoshop/Zbrush composition:

…And a more refined sketch… :P


Day 8

Day 3

Well,  this morning I drew this while listening to Enigma… I made several variations, and am still unclear as to what exactly constitutes a siren’s tail. I might have to make a detailed anatomy study of a mermaid’s tail.  Is she like an eel?  I like that there is leaping salmon in this concept sketch. Salmon leaving the ocean to return to their spawning grounds…

Day 2

Today I spent some time exploring an idea of some kind of rapturous light beaming down into the primordial soup in which my siren is bathing.  I remember as a little girl swimming in a shallow lake warmed by the sun, and yeah, checking to see periodically if my legs have grown fins yet…


Day 1

The first day of the project is today, January 26th, 2010.

How do I begin a painting? I have not purchased a canvas yet. In fact, I have not decided on the exact proportion, or anything else for that matter. All I have as of now is some inklings, small things.  It does not always begin this way. Sometimes an idea for a painting is loud and in your face, sometimes it is a subtle knowing that I need to manifest somehow. I have always wanted to paint a siren. Studying water and the natural world around the Pacific Northwest for a decade, anatomy, all of these things will come into play in the following months. I have an open road ahead and am looking forward to this painting emerging.

…Continuing at 2 am the same day… well more like the morning of the next day… Played with an idea… of course, now that I sketched it up I don’t like it as much as I did while I did.  But that’s all right. I am definitely not attached to anything at this point. This is just a quick little thing, but dutifully I shall post it…

She is so pensive and depressed looking… And her left arm is kind of flopping around purposlessly.  Bah! But I do like the arch behind her shoulder, the light.